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Dear Colleagues,Students and Friends,

I am delighted to invite you to join in the much-anticipated NIE Director’s Race, which is our biennial fund-raising charity event. This year marks the 5th race since 2006 and we are pleased to partner Arc Children’s Centre, a children care centre which aims to provide a sanctuary for the disadvantaged children with life-threatening illnesses. The funds raised will go towards the Arc Children’s Centre’s education and developmental programs.

The Director’s race is one of the many corporate social responsibility initiatives in NIE. We want to inculcate the values of giving to the underprivileged and the funds raised will go a long way to help the needy. As such, I would strongly encourage the NIE community to donate generously to Arc Children’s CentreNIE staff could do so via salary deduction whilst the student teachers and public could donate via

You can also do your part by taking part in the charity race or cheering for your friends. Your active participation would truly make the event meaningful for the NIE community and our beneficiary.


Yours sincerely,
Professor Lee Sing Kong 
National Institute of Education